4 Values Of In-home Care For Seniors


Watching the person who brought you up age can be the cause of sadness and mixed emotions. When elderly begin to slow down, and the need to take care of them increases, families are faced with a critical decision. They need to decide if they should opt for a nursing home or the best in-care home provider like Assisting Hands in Portland. It may begin as reminding the senior to take medication at the correct time and then escalate to helping them prepare a proper meal. Small concerns morph into big ones, from handling their finances to even their hygiene.

The answer to this dilemma is to have ‘the talk’ with them. You can get the Full List Here on the questions you need to put forward. No matter the consequence of the talk, one aspect will remain constant – the need to have caregivers. Today, we discuss the four values that in-home care providers elders. The first one is family. Being surrounded by your loved ones has an intangible effect on elders that cannot be put into words. A family can give support not even the most experienced staff of a nursing home can offer.

Seniors can rely on their son, daughter, and grandchildren when the memories begin to fade. In-home care guarantees that elders can have the comforting presence of their loved ones while being taken care of completely. The second value is dignity. For most seniors, it is a matter of pride that stops them from accepting care and makes them so adamant against nursing homes. In-house care presents a unique solution. It allows the senior to keep their self-esteem while gives the adult child peace of mind. Staying at home is more a point of self-respect for elders than anything else. Give them their dignity and let them mature gracefully.

The third aspect of in-home care is tranquility. When individuals age they want to be surrounded by familiar sounds. They hold peace and quiet above all else, being surrounded by medical gadgets that continuously make noises and can be extremely bothersome for them. Whereas, at home, they are aware of every creak the house makes and the sounds that neighbors produce. This gives them a feeling of serenity. Home is an environment that they have lived in for years. It is the known. Therefore, it is peaceful.

The last value of home caregivers that cannot be replicated by nursing homes is continuity. Change is something even the youngest of us abhor. We become rigid in the face of change. The same applies to seniors. When given the option to stay at home or to move to a new environment, they will always choose the former. Moving to a new place is akin to learning a new thing. It is a drastic change and can be incredibly overwhelming for seniors.

These four values make at home care the obvious and the better choice. The benefits, though not exhaustive, have significant weight to them. So choose an in-home care provider for your loved one.


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