A Complete Guide On Buying Towel Radiator


Using a warm towel after a bath or shower is the wonderful option especially in salon and spa. There are many makers offer best collections of spa towel warmer for the commercial spa. You can check the reviews of different towel warmer options available in the market from the articles uploaded in

A towel warmer is the best multi-functional inclusion to the bathroom. It is a great option for drying towels if there are large members of your family and provides further warmth to the bathroom facilitating to maintain humidity at bay.

Towel warmers are also called as towel radiators, and it works little different than the conventional radiators. The radiator acts as a primary source of heat in a bigger room and they are good at heat a tiny en-suite bathroom.

You can use an electric or plumbed towel warmer model. A plumbed radiator is the right option when you want to substitute your current plumbed towel warmer. Just turn on or off the towel warmer by turning the central system on and off.

The dual models towel warmer combines both plumbed and electric heating element fuel system. The towel warmer will warm up when the central heating system is on during the winter and provides the option to use heating them separately when the central heating system is not turned on. You can control the electric element using a thermostat and a switch so that you can switch on and off them to provide a boost of additional warmth when required.

You can pick the electric options when you don’t need to expand the present hot water device or concern about moving pipe work. Instead of usual on and off buttons, a few electric radiators have included towel radiators so that you can alter the temperature of the radiator based on your requirement. Get a couple of radiator valves to manage the heat output of the towel radiator.


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