A Complete Smile Makeover For A Radiant Personality


A smile can transform your personality. If you have felt a little longer, whiter and straighter teeth can improve your smile, you can now achieve it with the help of best dentist in Aurora. Getting smile makeover involves cosmetic and other dentistry techniques that focus on improving your smile. It is just not restricted to the enhancing your smile but the overall improvement of oral health. Before your start with smile therapy, it is important to consult with an experienced dentist in Aurora. The dentist will first listen to your goals, discuss options and then suggest a suitable therapy to improve your smile.
Tips for choosing a smile makeover specialist
The functions of dentist do not stop with just restoring teeth functionality. Today’s modern technology has given a wide scope to add artistic value to the profession. Contemporary dentists promise the most natural looking smile that matches with your feature. The dental makeover process involves your complete facial appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is of recent origin and has gained importance over a period. Specialized training is needed for cosmetic dentistry. It needs in-depth training and experience. There are many smile correction options, and this includes correcting your smile line and aesthetic elements. The dentist should have a profile and before and after treatment pictures of the patients.
Options of smile makeover
While considering a smile makeover, it is important to consider aesthetic elements. Smile correction comes with a whole lot of options. Filling tooth gaps is vital to make your smile attractive. This can result in oral health hazards. Missing teeth can lead to tooth decay and can destroy the alignment of the teeth over a period of time. Along with smile makeover, the dentist will suggest dental implants, partial denture, and dental bridge.
The tooth whitening is a vital part of a smile makeover. Colored teeth can affect the aesthetics of your teeth. Discoloration may be due to stains that can affect the appearance of your teeth despite having a perfect shape. The role of the cosmetic dentist is to suggest the right shade that can go with your complexion. Teeth whitening are done after considering the tooth shade of the dental crowns, veneers, and composite bonding.
The teeth have to be in alignment for best smile. Those with misaligned smiles need to undergo complete mouth reconstruction along with orthodontic treatment before starting with a smile makeover. Slight overlapping or misalignment can be improved with options like clear braces and porcelain veneers.
With age and wear and tear of your teeth, your facial features change. It can make you look older. A dentist recommends oral maxillofacial surgery to fill your cheeks and bring out a youthful look.
The shape of your tooth is important and even minute details have to be considered before the makeover. For a perfect look, the teeth may have to be shortened or lengthened, or sometimes gum reduction is also suggested. The shape of the tooth is changed with the help of veneers or cosmetic bonding.
Post-treatment care is vital to extend the life of the makeover. Sometimes restorations need replacements. Increase the flossing and brushing activities and visit the dentist regularly for best results.


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