A New Look To Weight Loss – Hormone Reset Diet


The Holy Grail of weight loss has not been discovered. There are many methods and techniques that give desired results, but there is no one single way that can fix all. Additionally, to maintain the desired weight one has to work consistently and persistently on it. One such latest fad that has caught the attention of weight watchers is the hormone reset diet review. For those who wish to know the many benefits of living healthy, read More Here. To know more about the Hormone Reset Diet, keep reading.

The diet was published in a book by Sara Gottfried. It was released for public consumption in March 2015. While most people talk about ways to control weight, Sara talks about the cause. She believes that for most women hormones and weight loss is directly related. Since most individuals do not realize this connection their journey to weight loss is doomed to fail. Before one starts to diet, one needs to factor in the seven major metabolic hormones:
• Estrogen
• Testosterone
• Insulin
• Cortisol
• Leptin
• Thyroid
• Growth Hormone
A high level of these hormones causes a reduction in the speed of metabolism. When metabolism slows then weight loss decreases. This fact is the basis of the entire book by Sara though she does specify that for each the speed may vary because each body type is different. For females, the number one reason for weight increase is hormonal. It is the fluctuation of hormones that causes the gain of fat. When you remove this root cause, the body will automatically lose weight.

The book goes on describe seven different kinds of reset diets. Each is based on one of the seven metabolic hormones. While Sara specifies that each diet is supposed to last just three days, in reality, the period can be longer. The seven diets mentioned in the book are:
1. Meatless – Estrogen Reset
2. Toxin Free – Testosterone Reset
3. Sugar-Free – Insulin Reset
4. Caffeine – Cortisol Reset
5. Fruitless – Leptin Reset
6. Grain Free – Thyroid Reset
7. Dairy Free – Growth Hormone Reset

Each diet is supposed to bring back the level of the particular hormone to optimal. Under each reset, the author gives a brief explanation that talk about the value of the elimination of each metabolic hormone. This clarification is the right way to give substance to the diet. But, as of yet, there is no scientific proof that hormone reset diet works. Furthermore, these eliminations are only for a short while. Therefore, the results are limited too.

The positive aspect is that there have been success stories of people who have undergone the reset. The book itself has stories from users which are particularly helpful in motivating new users. Like any other diet, Hormone Reset is not a sure fire way to lose weight. What might work for some, may not work for others? So, take the book with a grain of salt and not as a bible of dieting.


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