Know More About STDs


STD is one of the most common diseases found in men and women. Nowadays even kids are diagnosed with STD. For those people who don’t know what STD is, it is a disease that is transmitted sexually. People for the first time having sex can also get STD. Now there are several clinics which do STD Testing and give the result on the same day. But some so many people feel ashamed of consulting a doctor as said by sites like

In order to keep yourselves healthy, you need to know more about STDs; how to prevent them, when and where you need to get tested for STD and what all remedies you need to take when you have found out you have STD. Depending upon the type of STDs, it can be passed from one person to another through oral sex, vaginal sex, blood contact, contact with vaginal fluids or semen, skin-to-skin genital contact.
The chances of getting an STD can be lowered by just following the several ways given below.

· If you want to avoid STD completely, then stop having sex.
· If you are a sexually active person get tested every six months.
· If you are pregnant and have tested positive for STD, find out how you can avoid giving it to your child.
· If you are having sex with a new partner, it is best to do an STD test.
· If you have STD, open up to your partner about it.
· When having sex, always use condoms.

It is very hard to know if you or your partner have STDs, without doing a test. It is common for most people to feel nothing as STDs have no actual symptoms. Even if you have STD, it may become evident only after some time, or it may even take months to diagnose STD.
Many types of STDs can be diagnosed and cured, depending upon the time you take the test. But if left untreated, some STDs may have serious long-term effects like cancer, infertility, or may even lead to death.


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