The Common Causes Of Tooth Decay


Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases found in people. Nowadays, most children are found suffering from toothache which can be caused due to tooth decay. Cavities- tiny holes in your teeth are formed, which can result in tooth-lose in a person that is if the tooth is left untreated. But now, with the advance of technology and medicines, it is very easy for treating a decayed tooth. Consulting a dentist at the early stages of tooth decay is advised, as there is a better chance of saving a tooth from being more damaged. In San Diego dentist is found to encourage people in following best oral hygiene in order to prevent their tooth from decaying. Even and few other sites suggest people to visit their dentist at least once in six months.

Now, let us find out how tooth decay is actually caused. Inside the mouth, there are different types of bacteria which live on the teeth, tongue, gums, and other places of your mouth. Some bacteria are found to be helpful while others can be very harmful and are the main reason behind your tooth getting decayed. As you eat food, there will be some food particles that get stuck to your teeth. The bacteria feeds on the sugar present in the food and end up producing an acid that slowly eats away the tooth’s enamel.

If you often eat food that contains starch or sugar, your tooth is frequently getting attacked by acids that are formed by the bacteria in your mouth. As the result, your tooth’s enamel loses the mineral such as phosphate and calcium and also fluoride which you get through your toothpaste. Minerals are present in your saliva which helps in repairing the enamel. As the tooth loses the minerals, white spots would appear indicating tooth decay. If the decay is not treated at this point, your tooth’s enamel gets weakened and damaged forming cavities. At this point, the tooth is severely damaged and can be treated by repairing the tooth with filling.

Many people endure from tooth decay because of not following proper oral hygiene. You need to brush your teeth at least twice daily and you need to also floss your teeth. Remember to wash your mouth after every meal in order to get rid of any food particles in your mouth. It is widely recommended to brush your tongue as well while brushing your teeth. Make sure you at least brush your teeth for two minutes.

Tooth decay may be caused even due to not having enough saliva inside your mouth. Saliva helps in protecting your teeth from decay as it washes away harmful sugars and food. Certain conditions like xerostomia can cause dry mouth in some people, due to certain medications. Fluoride which is an important mineral for repairing the enamel and not getting enough of it may also result in causing tooth decay.

The most common symptoms of tooth decay is the toothache. Tooth decay if left untreated may cause infection to not only the tooth but also to the other teeth and gums as well.


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