Yoga Poses That Are Hard To Strike


Yoga can be the best method to soothe your mind and to clear your thoughts. The flexibility it offers is also valued greatly by the adherents of this age-old technique. Have you ever found yourself speechless while watching some advanced yogis strike certain unbelievably difficult coil-like postures? Or saw a picture and shook your head in utter amazement? Here, we bring to you some hard yoga poses that you should not attempt at home unless you want to end up with broken body parts.

We compiled this list of hard-to-replicate yoga postures with the help of to give you a better idea about the flexibility that regular yoga practice can accord to you. Get ready to be impressed by these highly complex postures- some of which requires the help of a second person to twist you up. Here we go!

Eka Hasta Vrksasana Or One-Handed Tree Pose
Part of Ashtanga yoga which is considered as reasonably heavy duty yoga by most, this asana takes the balancing upside down pose one step ahead by posing on just one hand. You need to have superior core strength apart from sharp mental focus and strong wrists to do this balancing act successfully.

Sirsa Padasana Or Head To Foot Pose
This can only be done by someone who has mastered the art of backbends. The body is twisted backward to bring the feet together above your head while balancing on your neck and upper torso. The person doing this needs exceptional balance, mental focus and a strong back apart from an extremely flexible spine.

Pungu Mayurasana Or Wounded Peacock
This modified version of the Peacock pose uses only one hand. This is good for your arms, shoulders, and wrists apart from having a good effect on your digestion. This one-armed asana truly tests your mental focus. This posture that requires you to balance your entire body weight on one arm while lifting your body up almost seems surreal.

Gandha Bherundasana Or Formidable Face Pose
It is one of the most formidable, indeed! The flexibility required is nothing short of that of a piece of wire coiled up. It strengths the shoulders, tones the spines and abdominal organs and stimulates the nerves.

Kala Bhairavasana Or Destroyer Of The Universe Pose
This one here is more do-able than some of the others on this list. But it is still a task to put your one leg behind your head. And all this must be done with your body off the floor and leaning to one side. Mental focus, athleticism, and strength-If you have all this in abundance apart from a flexible hip, please try. Make sure that this destroyer of universe pose doesn’t quite destroy any of your body parts, though.

There are scores of other insane poses that we haven’t mentioned here. It takes years of hard work and practice to perfect each of these. While yoga is much more than these impossible postures, the flexibility that our body can achieve when given the right kind of push still manages to be mind-blowing. So, folks, get inspired!


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